Friday, March 3, 2017

I Don't Mind

Hi, Internet! You’re back, making a hoopla about something our pastor posted on his blog, so we’re back, too, with a bit of a response.

Pastor Wilson wrote this post about how a false accuser might use the social capital of victimhood to get sympathy and hide her guilt.

A good chunk of the reactions, in varying degrees of shrillness, denounced the dastardly Doug for thus blaming and shaming victims of sexual abuse and assault. And a good chunk of those reactions made blanket statements supposedly on behalf of all victimized women, who must all be feeling so very hurt and attacked by the post.

Well, let me just say I wish y'all would stop pretending to speak for me as if my reading comprehension is so poor. Potiphar's wife was a false accuser, and false accusers offend me the way Rachel Dolezal offends real black people. They also do worse damage to the cause of true victims. I don’t mind in the least when someone rebukes them.

In a follow up post, Pastor Wilson went iconoclast on the false goddess Feminism, who purports to offer help and healing to victims, but actually destroys their souls. I don’t mind in the least when somebody exposes idols and points me to the glorious gospel of the one true God who can and does save, heal, and free me.
And this paragraph in that second post is written in perfectly cogent English:
"Now mark me carefully here, ye who would ignore this part. Whenever a woman reports a crime against her, she should be heard with sensitivity and care, she should be treated respectfully, and her claims should be thoroughly investigated, in all seriousness. She must not be blamed for reporting the assault, or treated as though bringing an accusation itself were a crime. She must be treated with high courtesy. Mark that, and mark those liars who say that I don’t believe this."
I certainly don’t mind in the least being treated with sensitivity, care, respect, and courtesy, which is to say, I don’t mind in the least being treated the way every woman on this blog has testified to being treated by our pastor and our church.
What I do mind is people purporting to talk for me and saying things I don’t believe. I mind people attacking my church family. I mind my testimony, and the testimony of my sisters on this blog, being given little weight because we don’t feel the need to scream in everyone’s faces. Well, let me raise my voice just a decibel or two and say, when you slander our leaders, you are calling us liars, and  you are the ones who are refusing to hear the voices of victims. That I mind.
And on the other hand, I don’t mind it. God has ordained this trial for us, and, to bring things back full circle to the words of Mrs. Potiphar’s victim: “What you meant for evil, God meant for good.” Glory to His name.